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TactiCom's Applications & Products

Lead Management Systems

TactiCom's lead & contact management system automates the entire lead processing function, from lead capture, analysis and assignment, through to "closed loop" contact management and detailed status / trend reports. Systems exponentially increase follow-ups and lead closure rates. Through automation, our systems ensure that even the most complex lead analysis and assignment models are adhered to. Learn More >>

Event Management Systems

TactiCom's Event Management system automates key processes such as registration, e-tickets, scheduling, enrollment, notification, expense tracking, on-line payments, report generation and management. Our systems reduce the time and expense required to manage events such as conferences, competitions, trade shows, training seminars, travel, press tours and customer briefings. Learn More >>

Security & E-Commerce (SOOP)

Since it's initial release in 1996, TactiCom's SOOP product line enables companies to conduct B2B and B2C secure tranactions, cost effectively, without making tradeoffs and compromises normally associated with internet based systems. Systems can interface with your existing data sources such as CRM, ERP, product catalogues and price books. TactiCom provides complete solutions that integrate seamlessly with your current business. Learn More >>

Web Publishing Systems

TactiCom's Web Publishing Systems enables our clients to publish and maintain there web and mobile sites. All systems developed by TactiCom are optimized for search engine placement and focus on lead generation and/or on-line sales. Learn More >>

Virtual Mail Servers

TactiCom's Virtual Mail Servers enable companies, of all sizes, to have a high end enterprise mail server at a fraction of the cost of having an internal mail server. Virtual Mail Servers are complete personal and corporate information management systems. They are unified messaging systems, tying together your email, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes and more for you Desktop, Webmail, Mobile clients and devices. Learn More >>

ISO Quality Management Systems

Our ISO Quality Management Systems are centralized network based solutions that automate reports (NCR & CAR), policies, procedures, documentation, data management and notification requirements for the ISO quality standards. Our systems scale from companies with one location and multiple departments to multinational corporations with departments spread across the world. Each ISO Management System is custom configured based on our client's requirements. Learn More >>

Forum/Chat Systems

TactiCom is a leader in the development and maintenance of on-line forums. Our Net Forums product was developed to allow interactive discussions on the Internet and has been successfully used as an educational/support tool as well as a self-generating and maintaining entertainment system.
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